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We are an organization with Head Quaters at New Delhi and branches at Bengaluru, Punjab, Mumbai, Chandigarh, Haryana and Uttarakhand. We promise one stop solution for Elderly Care and assisted living. Eldercare uses Human intervention, a Care Buddy, along with technology to deliver the services. Care Buddy is an Indian Armed Forces Veteran. By virtue of training and inbuild ethos, a Care Buddy, brings in trust, capability to work flawlessly in time of Crisis and above all the selfless devotion to assigned duties.

All the facilities are available in India but are not easily accessible. Hence a huge GAP exists between availability and accessibility. We, at Eldercare (Delhi, Bengaluru, Punjab and Haryana) fill that GAP & assist you to utilize these facilities in the best possible way. We are a team of doctors, physiotherapists, counsellors and retired personnel from Indian Armed Forces. Our operations are robust, sustainable and reliable by a perfect blend of operational and administrative skills of defence personnel with versatile technology.

We have alliances with the best medical concierge services and hospitals. Our back end resources of lawyers, chartered accountants and financial advisor provide the best possible support to handle issues that nag you…..be it legal, property, finance or any other.

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